Crazy Good Or Just Crazy?

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There is a new ice cream shop in town called Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar and it is in high demand. Just off the beaten path in downtown Gatlinburg, this unassuming shop is packed with a line going down the street before they even open. We waited an hour and a half for our turn, was it worth it?




Through the heat and the humidity, my husband and I had plenty of time to decide what flavor of milkshake we wanted to try. We decided to share one since neither of us were very hungry and each milkshake ran about $15. We settled on S'mores the Merrier. Because of the heat, they had us standing outside the locked door starting inside as they could only allow so many people inside at a time and the door could not be propped open. But when we were finally allowed to enter, the line moved quickly.


Once inside, we welcomed the cold atmosphere and our excitement grew as we got closer to the front. Every time someone passed by with their delectable dessert, we would stare in awe. These milkshakes are works of art, every last one is beautifully created. Once our order was placed we had another wait in front of us. It took another 20 minutes to get our milkshake. People were standing around and we didn't know where to go to be out of the way. But finally, our number was called and we picked up our milkshake.




It was gorgeous, if one may use that word to describe a milkshake. We both loved the toasted marshmallows and chocolate bar. The milkshake was too thick at first to drink with the straw but once we got our first sip, we were happy. Milkshakes have this way of making you nostalgic, thinking of times past when you shared a milkshake with a loved one, or, if you were lucky like I was, your mom would make them as an afternoon treat some Sundays. All in all, the milkshakes look beautiful and taste like a milkshake. The only thing that makes them stand out amongst the rest is their ingenuity. And, you get to keep the mason jar at the end of it all. Was it worth $15? You will have to be the judge.

By: Jenessa Abernathy